We're your partner in petroleum recovery and environmental compliance.

Lakewood Energy Solutions specializes in the recovery of energy rich hydrocarbons from petroleum production byproduct streams. We are committed to capturing the full off-spec energy potential of our finite resources.

Through Lakewood Energy Solutions' proprietary industrial processes, we capture valuable and useable crude oil still present in the byproduct streams from crude oil field production operations, storage, pipeline operations, and terminals.

Our process recovers high quality petroleum from these byproduct streams, yielding crude oil at 99%+ purity that meets pipeline specifications. We process the remaining materials in an environmentally friendly and fully compliant manner. By virtually eliminating the petroleum-based sludge present in these byproduct streams, we also virtually eliminate a major self-perpetuating and constant environmental problem plaguing the oil industry.

At Lakewood Energy Solutions, we recover the energy potential of the byproduct streams we address. Nothing is more important than to recover and maximize, through the most efficient processes available, the energy yield of our country's finite resources. Lakewood Energy Solutions is proud to play a significant role in that effort within the domestic petroleum industry.

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