About Lakewood Midstream

At Lakewood Midstream LLC, our experience allows us to provide a diverse array of oilfield services as the demand for energy continues to rise. We provide solutions to maximize efficiency for the energy producer’s logistical, economical, environmental and their regulatory compliance challenges for complex water and byproduct streams that include: salt-water disposal, frac and flow back disposal, and crude oil waste reclamation.

With large, developing plays in the Permian Basin and the Mid-Continent Region, there is a crucial need for additional transportation infrastructure. Minimizations of cost, liability and environmental exposure for our customers are key components of Lakewood’s services.

Our goal is to provide a full spectrum of critical maintenance, transportation and environmental services, including waste processing facilities, transportation and crude oil waste reclamation that reduce the carbon footprint on our environment.

Lakewood’s acquisition of Itero Energy Inc., now Lakewood Energy Solutions was a key component of our strategy to provide a full spectrum of maintenance, transportation and environmental services. Lakewood Energy Solutions specializes in the recovery of energy rich hydrocarbons from petroleum production waste streams in the Permian Basin and Mid-Continent Region. Through proprietary industrial processes, Lakewood Energy Solutions captures valuable hydrocarbons and useable crude oil still present in waste streams from a variety of locations, including: crude oil field production, storage, tanks, pipeline conveyance, and terminals.

With the additional acquisitions of BS&W Solutions, LLC, West OK Disposal, LLC, and West OK Trucking, Inc., a stable launching platform has been firmly established to create a long-term business structure. BS&W Solutions, LLC (BS&W) now a part of Lakewood Energy Services is an oilfield service company that specializes in purchasing non-pipeline quality crude oil across the Mid-Continent region and Permian Basin. Lakewood Energy Solutions then utilizes centrifuge technology to process this crude oil into pipeline quality crude oil and other drilling fluids that can be used in the drilling of horizontal wells.

West OK Disposal, LLC (WOK Disposal) now operating as Lakewood Disposal is an oilfield waste disposal company that provides oilfield waste fluid handling and disposal services in the Mid-Continent region. The company primarily serves oil and gas operators who drill and operate and are responsible for the proper disposition of fluids that are produced or used in the drilling and production of oil and gas wells.

These fluids include flowback water that is captured during the completion of wells, formation water that is produced in conjunction with oil and gas, as well as other fluids that are used during the drilling process. Lakewood Disposal provides operators with a safe, effective solution for disposition of these different fluids.

West OK Trucking, Inc. now Lakewood Transportation operates a fleet of trucks that serves the oil and gas industry by offering transport services for crude oil to the pipeline, storage or processing facilities. Lakewood Transportation also operates a fleet of trucks that provide transportation of oilfield waste fluid and drilling mud. Lakewood Transportation’s other services include drilling and completion support services and equipment rental.

By combining these companies’ services and executive know-how, Lakewood provides a critical and valuable function to an energy industry that expects the highest level of environmental compliance and economical solutions.